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Ancient Forest Wand Fantasy Costume Accessory Fantasy Roleplay

Ancient Forest Wand Fantasy Costume Accessory Fantasy Roleplay

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Introducing our captivating Ancient Forest Wand, a tribute to the timeless mystique of ancient woodlands. This enchanting hand-crafted accessory, measuring approximately 10 inches in length, brings the allure of an ancient forest into your grasp.

The Ancient Forest Wand features a theme inspired by the secrets hidden within the forest's heart. Its design showcases spiraling knots, intricate cracks, and graceful curves that mimic the age-old trees of ancient woodlands. To add a touch of magic, an artificial crystal is carefully inset into the base of the handle.

Whether you're dressing as a mystical forest dweller, seeking an evocative decoration that captures the essence of an ancient forest, or searching for a thoughtful gift for nature enthusiasts and fantasy lovers, this wand is the perfect choice. Let it transport you to the depths of the forest's mysteries.

-Approx. 10 inches in length
-Ancient forest-themed design with spiraling knots, cracks, and curves
-Features an artificial crystal inset into the handle's base

The Ancient Forest Wand is more than just an accessory; it's a connection to the enchantment and age-old wisdom of the woods. Get your Ancient Forest Wand today and embark on a journey through time and magic!

NOT A TOY, intended for use as home decor or adult costume accessory.

~10 inches; Hand sculpted clay with a dowel core.
~no box or packaging is included other than the shipping container
Made in the U.S.A. by a local, home-based, business.

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